7 Steps To Brain Fitness

Taken from Interview with Professor Ian Robertson 2010 on Pat Kenny show
You have heard of the Smart Economy but Ian Robertson professor of psychology at Trinity College Dublin believes that working smarter is actually the key to our economic survival. Ian believes Irish people need to make themselves mentally younger, because we now need to work smarter and longer into life. He told Pat the seven steps we need to take to get Brain fit.

The Seven Secrets

1. Aerobic Exercise “One of the strongest is aerobic exercise. Physical fitness is very good for the heart and body, but it is just as good for the brain”, he says. “People’s ability to remember things is better if they are aerobically fit. You’ll be sharper at any age if you’re aerobically fit. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain.”
2. Diet. A diet low in saturated fats and high in consumption of dark-coloured fruits and vegetables and fish are good for the brain.
3. New learning. Learning new things is very good for the brain. Its possible it might stimulate the production of new brain cells. We should all be continuing to learn throughout life.
4. Mental stimulation– this is keeping a sense of curiosity and exposure to new experiences and doing mentally demanding things.
5. Keeping stress under control.
6.Maintaining a rich social network. People who have rich social networks are in general terms more healthy and happier than people who are isolated and that’s also true of the brain.
7. Mental attitude. Keep a positive attitude.

May Carolan was featured in the Senior Times Magazine in 2013. May is 86 years of age and an example of what Professor Robertson speaks about. She is the mother of 7 children and 12 grandchildren she makes beautiful mosaic pieces, her work was exhibited in the RDS Dublin. After battling a long depression May accessed her creativity through a mosaic making class this helped her focus her mind, she continues to make mosaics today, check out some of her work below or on her facebook page

Christy Fleming

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