Project update and calling for volunteers

Hi All,

I would like to update you all that have been following the Disrupting Alzheimer’s Project journey on FB, our website, and our seminars where we have been helping to create awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and to look at ways to help disrupt its progression through diet/nutrition holistic therapies and encouraging practical tasks. My journey on this road as many of you know was born from a family member been diagnosed with early onset AD at the relatively young age of 54 this was in 2008.

I remember first learning the benefits of coconut oil and how it positively impacts on the brain after researching the internet and stumbling across Dr Mary Newport whose husband was also diagnosed with AD, there were many videos & interviews on You Tube given by Dr Newport about her work and research findings.  In those early days, as far has I’m aware, the main stockists of coconut oil were health shops who sold it mainly as skin moisturising cream, many were not aware of its benefits for helping those living with AD or other neurological related diseases.

I’m glad to say these days coconut oil is readily available in supermarkets large and small throughout our country.  Its possible that the resurgence and interest in this amazing food especially here in Ireland could partially be down to the ongoing promotional and awareness campaign that the Disrupting Alzheimer’s Project have been engaged in over the past few years through social media outlets, radio/press local and national, residential seminars and more recently the Minding Your Mind information seminars. Our awareness campaign took us to the Dail on many occasions were we met with Td’s, Senators and Ministers, here we explained our project, its aims and objectives, our financial needs to run the project effectively and we also spoke about the need for change in relation to looking at innovative ways to address the expected avalanche of people presenting to their GPs with a dementia diagnoses in the coming years.

Directly Disrupting Alzheimer’s Project did not benefit from those meetings but indirectly their appears to be a shift to a more holistic approach to looking at ways to treat people with AD. It is encouraging to see and hear advertisements on both radio and TV about dementia and to read articles in newspapers, as we have always stated education is key and prevention is the best cure. The fact that many groups/organisations are now funded should help keep this disease to the forefront of people’s minds. For us as volunteers our work has been impeded because of financial constraints, however we are delighted for the small part we played in helping bring about the shift in awareness that is taken place today around Alzheimer’s disease and the role diet/nutrition holistic therapies and practical tasks can play in addressing this disease in the years to come.

In 2017 Disrupting Alzheimer’s Project are looking into making a short educational documentary/film about Healing, Health, Disease and the body’s natural ability to heal itself, we are seeking volunteers who have an interest in this area and who are or have been involved in  film production. For further information or to get involved, please contact me at the number below

Kind Regards,

Christy Fleming

Disrupting Alzheimer’s Project Leader