About us

Disrupting Alzheimer’s is committed to researching, developing and implementing new strategies that support independent living for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.

The aim of the project is to help Disrupt the disease and improve cognitive function by incorporating nutrition for the brain, with a program of physical exercise and practical tasks to help stimulate and reteach skills through repetition and continuity. To run effective awareness and educational campaigns on the importance prevention plays in the role of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases


Ten Key Recommendations to overcome the stigma of Dementia
  1. Educate the public
  2. Reduce isolation of people with dementia
  3. Give people with dementia a voice
  4. Recognize the rights of people with dementia and their carers
  5. Involve people with dementia in their local communities
  6. Support and educate informal and paid carers
  7.  Improve the quality of care at home and in care homes
  8. Improve dementia training of primary healthcare physicians
  9. Call on governments to create national Alzheimer’s disease plans
  10.  Increase research into how to address stigma

(Professor Ian Robertson)