“What Can You Do” Disrupting Alzheimer’s Charity Single

“What Can You Do” by Disrupting Alzheimer’s

This is the link to our long awaited song on how we can disrupt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
The song was created to bring succour to those who are affected by the disease and their families.

“What can you do” was produced to educate people about the importance of various natural and holistic ways in which Alzheimer’s disease can be disrupted and managed. The song also promotes independent living and healthy eating.

Proceeds from the song will go a long way in helping with researches and implementing various ways to provide support for independent living and care for people with Alzheimer’s and their family.

The song will make a good Christmas present for friends and family, so sit back, relax and enjoy.
Don’t for to buy a copy of the song for your own enjoyment

Fatima Badmos